Grammatical Rules

  • Articles must be max. 30 pages.
  • The language of the article should be in English or in Turkish.
  • There should be “Introduction” section and the titles should be numbered.
  • It should be stated as a footnote in the first page if the article was prepared by the notices presented in the scientific meetings or as master, PhD work.
  • The author should write:
  1. The title of the article
  2. JEL code of the article
  3. Author’s full name, surname and degree/title
  4. Author’s institution (Department, unit)
  5. Author’s brief CV
  6. Author’s full address, phone/fax number, e-mail

in a seperate page.

  • In the first page of the article there should be written the title, max. 100 words of summary in English and Turkish (if it is known), keywords.
  • The article should be written via Microsoft Word, with 12 type size and double space.
  • Spelling and punctuation errors in the printed article belong to the author him/herself.
  • All the tables and diagrams should separately be in Microsoft Excel. They all should be enumerated.
  • About the references/biblioghraphy we use APAS.

After the editorial review, it is provided 1 month for the expert and 1 month for the revision.

Efil Journal of Economic Research has the rights whether to publish or not to publish and to make corrections on the articles. The right to publish the articles belongs to the journal’s management. The legal responsibility of the published article belongs to the author and isn’t related to the journal. The articles published in the journal cannot be reproduced in any way without the written consent of the journal management and cannot be reproduced elsewhere (in print or on the internet). The author who submits article to the journal is deemed to have accepted these principles.


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