Evaluation Process

  • The author’s and the expert’s name are mutually kept confidential.
  • All articles sent to the journal are pre-evaluated by the editors first. Articles that do not comply with the terms of content can be rejected by the editors without being sent to the expert.
  • The article submitted to the journal will be reviewed by one or two experts if it is deemed worthy to be sent to the experts by the editors.
  • The expert evaluates the article in terms of conformity to the article preparation rules, scientific contribution, the way in which the problem is handled, the method used in the research, the use of the literature and other important elements, and then submits the form to the editors.
  • The editor sends the evaluation result of the expert to the writer.
  • After the author completes the corrections requested by the expert within the time specified by the editor, the article issent to the expert again.
  • The final evaluation for the article that the expert finds appropriate is made by the editors.
  • The article that is decided to be published is queued and final decision is notified via website.
  • Case studies, reports, criticism and commentary on a previously written articles, answers to answers and responses, book promotions and criticisms, publication announcements, conferences and congresses have the possibility to be published in the journal. The decision here belongs to the editors.
  • The maximum evaluation period of the article is 90 days.
  • You will be informed about the evaluating process of the article.
  • The result of the evaluation will be reported to the author by e-mail.
  • Five free printed copies of the journal will be sent to the author whose article is approved and going to be published in the journal.


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