Efil Journal of Economic Research Volume: 1 Issue:1 2018

Category: Academic-Economics
Barkod: 2619958015011
Editor in Chief:  Prof. Dr. Ömer Faruk Çolak
Price: 35,00 TL
Page: 176
Publishing House: Efil Yayınevi


First issue of Efil Journal of Economic Research has been published!

EfilJournal is an international refered journal which is being published quarterly in both print and digital media. The written language is English and Turkish.

Efil Journal of Economic Research will protect the values of economic theory. Therefore, it endeavors to publish articles about history of economic thought as well. Its aim is to put economy to its place without denying the tradition from its past.

Economic theory has suffered serious damage from the global crisis. It will take time to bind up the wounds. However, the crisis has showed the young economists that economy is not only consist of neoclassical economics. It has showed that it is necessary to retrace, read the past and reach up to Adam Smith. The development of such a trend will make an important contribution to the economic theory.




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